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Aaron Walker | USHEALTH Advisors Agent

I realized the value of good health coverage at an early age.  When I was fifteen years of age, I was involved in a car accident, where I sustained a head injury and fell into a coma for two months.  I was in the hospital and rehabilitation from October 11th of 1993 to March of the following year.  When I officially woke up it was almost Christmas time. Finding myself at Kluge Rehabilitation Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, I had tubes in my nose and could not walk on my own.  For the following Months I was on my way relearning basic vocabulary and how to walk all over again. In the rehabilitation center I had every type of therapist that you could think of to help me, but the diagnosis was not good. The Doctors confirmed that I would suffer with short term memory loss and fight or flight temperament problems due to the injuries to the frontal lobe of my brain. That this would lead to bouts of depression and anger issues that may be uncontrollable.

The good news is this, luckily, I had lot of protection by way of the lump sum benefits from various insurance policies.  They all combined to make a bullet proof plan that would give me the general care and to sustain my family so that we did not have to go bankrupt. The Doctors were correct, at age twenty-three I revisited the doctor and got an MRI that showed no trauma. I had recovered fully!

Today protecting families in a situation like mine have become my passion. What I do is keep families from becoming prey to medical bankruptcy. This is becoming the leading cause of bankruptcy in America today. Most of all bankruptcies in America are of a medical nature. The ironic thing is that most of these cases the family has a form of health coverage in place. Just not the adequate coverage that I provide.

 I help families become educated on how to protect themselves. If you are a small business, or a family who pays out of pocket with a large deductible, contact me! I can do an analysis and get you in a better position. I am armed with the knowledge. I know how to adequately protect a family and limit their out of pocket if an accident ever happens.

If you know of a small business, family, or individual that this can help do not hesitate to reach out to me today, God Bless You!

Coverage Like No Other - PremierChoice

Why pay for Coverage Before You Need It?

In the event You need additional protection, the purchase of PremierChoice Specified Disease/ Sickness Plan, Accident and the Optional Guaranteed Short Term Insurability Rider provides You with a one-time right to purchase Our PremierMed Short Term Medical-Surgical Expense Plan without any additional medical underwriting. In Other words, Why pay for Coverage Before You Need It?

First Dollar Benefits!

The PremierChoice Specified Disease/ Sickness and Accident Plans allow You to receive first dollar payments for expenses incurred up to a benefit maximum for covered healthcare services. And with the special doctor office visit “rollover”* feature in each Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident Plan, if You don’t use Your benefits, You don’t lose them.

No Calendar Year Deductible to Satisfy!

PremierChoice Specified Disease/ Sickness and Accident plans supplement an essential health benefits plan under which You must first satisfy a deductible every year before You are eligible to receive benefit payments.

*Exclusions and limitation apply. May not be available in all states.

Why MedGuard*?

Health coverage provides benefits for medical treatment but doesn’t include benefits for non-medical expenses. Traditional life insurance pays benefits after death. What if You survive a critical illness? Where will You find the financial resources to cover non-medical costs during Your recovery?

If You are diagnosed with a covered condition, MedGuard will pay You a lump-sum cash payment!


*MedGuard is a 5 year renewable term life insurance with an accelerated benefit. Not available in all states. Limitations and exclusions apply.

Accident Protector*

Accident Protector provides extra coverage to help cover out of pocket expenses related to an accident.

Utilize Accident Protector to provide You with a financial advantage:

  • Provides lump sum payouts if Your Injury is due to an accident and results in a loss.

  • Excess Medical Insurance that helps cover the cost of deductibles, co-pays, and other expenses not covered by insurance.

*Accident Protector is not available in all states. Limitations and exclusions apply.

SecureDental* Offers 3 Plans:

Premium Plan* Deductibles: $50 for an Individual; $150 for a Family; Additional Orthodontic Deductible $150 per Insured. Covers Preventive Care, Basic Care, Major Care & Orthodontic Care. Calendar Year Maximum Per Insured $1,500; Orthodontic Calendar Year Maximum Per Insured $400. Lifetime Maximum Orthodontic Benefit Per Insured is $1,000.

Saver Plus Plan* Deductibles: $50 for an Individual; $150 for a Family. Covers Preventive Care, Basic Care & Major Care, with Orthodontic Care Services discounted at participating providers. Calendar Year Maximum Per Insured $1,000.

Saver Plan* Deductibles: $50 for an Individual; $150 for a Family. Covers Preventive Care & Basic Care, with Major Care & Orthodontic Care Services discounted at participating providers. Calendar Year Maximum Per Insured $500.

*SecureDental is not available in all states. Limitations, Waiting Periods and Exclusions apply.

LifeProtector is the Right Choice!

Providing peace of mind for Your family is essential. If something unforeseen were to happen to You, would Your family be taken care of financially? With America’s Choice LifeProtector, with a 10 year renewable term life insurance You can help provide the financial security Your family needs and deserves.

LifeProtector is a great option to add to Your portfolio of protection. Pure and Simple

  • Provides protection to help with obligations like mortgage, car payment, childcare or educational expenses and other obligations.

  • Peace of Mind

  • Provides protection in the event of unforeseen death.

  • Not Taxable to Beneficiaries

  • Provides valuable term life insurance benefits that in most instances are free from income tax for the beneficiary.

  • Economical

  • With premium payment options from $10 to $50, all in $5 increments, it’s easy to find an economical solution to Your life insurance needs.

*LifeProtector may not be available in all states. Limitations and exclusions apply.

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We believe in unparalleled value and care. What do you believe in?

We are flexible, affordable and secure. Our full portfolio of plans lets you tailor coverage to YOUR needs and you can rest easy knowing that, We are an innovator in the industry with over 50 Collective years of health coverage experience.

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USHEALTH Group was acquired by UnitedHealthcare in 2019. Through its licensed life and health insurance companies, USHEALTH Group, offers quality coverage to policy holders including Sickness and Accident Insurance, Critical Illness, Life, Dental Coverage, Short-Term Accident Disability Income Insurance and much more!


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